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First 4 Figures is proud to present the highly anticipated Spyro the Dragon 8″ PVC Painted statue

Spyro, an energetic young dragon, is known for defeating his enemies by breathing fire and charging at them. He also has the ability to glide to usually inaccessible places in the game world. Spyro the Dragon was first introduced in 1998. He’s known as a young, energetic purple dragon with huge horns and spikes that resemble a mohawk. Spyro is portrayed as mischievous and curious dragon with little regard for his own safety. Spyro is also known as being stubborn and has a somewhat cocky attitude but he’s a courageous hero as well. In the original series, Gnasty Gnorc has trapped all of the dragons (except for Spyro) in crystal. He must then travel across the Dragon Realms saving the trapped dragons and finally defeating Gnasty.

Dimensions – Height – 8 inches(20cm) x Width – 6 inches(14cm) x Depth – 6 inches(14cm)
Weight – 500 grams

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Spyro™ the Dragon – Spyro™ Standard edition comes with the following:

• Spyro™ the Dragon – Spyro™ 8″ PVC painted statue
• F4F Authentication Leaflet with F4F Bonus Points
• Collectors Box

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 20 cm